Board of Directors / Building Management


An Annual General Meeting is held every year after the Society’s fiscal year-end, January 31st, at which time members are elected to the seven-member Executive Committee.

The present Executive Committee consists of the following members:

Jordan Salokari, President
Floyd Anderson, Vice-President
Vivian Hall, Director
Sharilyn Anderson, Director
Roy Thiessen, Director
Grace Peters, Director
Andrew Verdon, Director

The Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss the routine matters of operations as well as items put forward by staff and tenants and the repair and improvements required to maintain a safe, comfortable community for the tenants. budget.


The responsibility for implementing the instructions of the Board of Directors belongs to Property Manager and Board Member Vivian Hall.  With administrative assistance in the office, as well as cleaning staff and outside contractors as required, the building is maintained in an exceptionally clean, friendly manner with 24 hour emergency call out available as required.